Download DokuWiki!

Here you can download the latest DokuWiki-Version. Either just click "Download" or customize the download to your likings with the options below.

Tip: Our partners offer hosting with pre-installed DokuWiki – no download needed.

DokuWiki is available free of charge under the GNU General Public License Version 2.


Here you can select which release you'd like to download. The default is usually what you want.

A summary of changes for each release can be found in the Changelog.

Looking for an old release?
Check the Archive.


Use this if you want to only download the files that have changed since the old stable version. Check Upgrade Instructions on how an update is done, regardless if you download a full package or not.

This setting will be ignored if you download the old stable (2023-04-04a "Jack Jackrum") release. Additional downloads like plugins or webserver components will always be included in full.

Include Web-Server

You may optionally include a minimal Webserver with PHP in your download. This is useful for quickly trying DokuWiki or for running it from an USB stick. This is recommended for personal, single-user use only.


DokuWiki is available in a whole bunch of languages. You probably will not need all of them. You can save space by removing the ones you won't need here.

Popular Plugins

DokuWiki can be extended by hundreds of available plugins. You don't need any to get started, but here is a small choice of popular plugins that you might want to include in your download.

  • Use a CAPTCHA to secure your wiki against spammers. Comes with different accessibility options. Recommended if you intend to run a public wiki.

  • The easiest way to upgrade DokuWiki. Downloads and installs the newest stable release with just a few clicks in the admin backend.

  • Versatile plugin that adds additional syntax for creating various colored boxes, columns or even your own styles.

  • This is the recommended plugin if you'd like to create a multi-lingual wiki.

  • A plugin that makes it easier to add videos from popular video sharing sites like Youtube or Vimeo to your wiki pages.

  • Easily embed nice looking image galleries into your pages.